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Tumblr’s We Love

Now that the Standard Culture website exists on Tumblr, we can’t get enough of perusing the vast community. Here’s a top 10 list of Tumblr’s we’re following ourselves. We’re impressed with some of the old school brands reinventing themselves on this platform. Here’s the greatest hits from our point of view:

(The Atlantic recently posted this photo as the first known photography of a human being, shot by Daguerre in 1838 in Paris)

(1) Life Magazine- Sweet photo archives 

(2) Atlantic- Daily stories on interesting culture items

(3) Newsweek- Always good to receive a breaking image photo in your Tumblr inbox thread. 

(4) Huffington Post- Smart news packed up tidy for your reading pleasure. 

(5) Wallpaper- Who doesn’t like good home postings?

(6) Vice Magazine - For SO many reasons, but mostly because we can’t get enough of their Do’s & Don’ts

(7) - The Fashion Bible 

(8) NPR - National Public Radio

(9) Paper Magazine - The latest and greatest from the streets of New York.

(10) Nowness - Brilliant photography and culture posts.

(Nowness- Behind the Scenes on Sofia Coppola’s new film, Somewhere)