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Betty White was a Babe

We just love checking out Life Magazine’s Tumblr who was sitting on all these archives for years. Recently, they posted a few pics of Betty back in the days. Take a look at Life Tumblr to see more. Here’s to a lady who can still deliver a killer opening monologue (see SNL)

No More Elaine’s. Sniff. Sniff.

(Madonna and Sean Penn on Date Mode at Elaine’s)

Our hearts are crushed by the loss of one of New York’s institutions, the restaurant we all call Elaine’s. The woman behind Elaine’s was Elaine Kaufman, the soul behind the famous little secret in the upper east side. Back in the days, on any given night, you’d see Norman Mailer and Walter Cronkite on one side of the room or Diana Ross and Diane Keaton in the other corner. Elaine was the lady in charge. Everyone knew her and loved her. She passed away this last December 2010, but it was announced in May 2011 that the restaurant is shutting it’s doors. There’s no ship without a captain, and Elaine was the only captain for this precious spot.

Take a peek at Life Magazine’s archives of photos through the years. 

RIP Elaine’s —the building and the woman! 

Coachella Hangover

(Life Magazine coverage of Coachella 2011)

Well, another Coachella has come and gone. Now is the time to read all the reviews on the best acts (Arcade Fire + Kanye) and fashionista wrap-ups of the 3 day event. Life Magazine’s Coachella portfolio, pictured above, seemed to be near the stage for all the band portraits.

We’re not quite sure where took their portraits, certainly not on the field. We suspect their Vogue portfolio consisting of creatives such as Harley Viera Newton to Philip Lim, were taken on some chic estate in the desert where all the fashionistas truly hung out and relaxed over some cocktails and conversation. 

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Movie Star Holiday Shots

(Rent 1959’s Imitation of Life starring Lana Turner)

We cannot get enough of old school movie stars. Before Hollywood got obsessed with teen sensations, there was actually a golden era where older women were the faces of movie studios. Check out Life Magazine’s Tumblr for a “greatest hits” photo album. 

(Rent Julie Christie’s 1965 Dr. Zhivago)

Graphic of the Day: Searchlight Gun

Here is a graphic dug up from an old issue of Life Magazine. It was published in an article on crazy clever patents. Here is Patent no. 1338239, a gun with a built-in searchlight to illuminate the target.