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André Balazs Rosé: MAGNUM

It’s a given that whenever the sun shines and the temperature hits a warm 72 degrees, I’m sitting outside at one of The Standards sipping on my André Balazs Rosé.  Made for us by Wolffer Estate out on Long Island, this merlot varietal is the perfect compliment to your weekend debauchery.

Being that last summer, the winery’s production could hardly keep up with my consumption, this summer, they played smart and are offering the wine in Magnum size.  That’s 2.5 bottles in one, and it is eco-friendly because it saves glass, cork and paper!  I think I’m just trying to justify the copious amounts of my intake, but yet again, I digress…

Book a seat on StndAIR, meet me out at Sunset Beach and let’s discuss the benefit over a glass…