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5 Things To Do in Downtown LA This Weekend
See Picnic on the Esplanade by Nan Goldin at MOCA. 

5 Things To Do in Downtown LA This Weekend

See Picnic on the Esplanade by Nan Goldin at MOCA. 

By Cory Arcangel, one Ruba Katrib’s favorite artists. Read our interview with the MOCA curator here.

By Cory Arcangel, one Ruba Katrib’s favorite artists. Read our interview with the MOCA curator here.

MOCA After Party at Standard Miami

(Brittany Lopez, MOCA Membership and Marketing Associate, and Christian Slater)

Ryan Trecartin’s Any Ever opening at MOCA concluded with an after party at Standard Miami. The MOCA after party enjoyed the beautiful bayside views and delicious lemon-lime Caipirinhas. The event finished with a conceptual performance by Colin Michael Self and Raul de Nieves.

The MOCA Shakers (ages 21-45) have become one of the most talked about and fastest growing groups in Miami with a dynamic roster of young professionals. The Shakers enjoy exciting programs that explore art and culture through unique and exclusive events.

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Ryan Trecartin at MOCA

(Ryan Trecartin, The Re’Search “Re’Search Wait’S”, 2009-2010, HD Video, 40:09, courtesy the artist and Elizabeth Dee, New York)

Ryan Trecartin’s Any Ever (2009-2010) is a seven-movie epic video produced in Miami with collaborator Lizzie Fitch and other contributors ranging from friends and artists to professional child actors. The presentation of Any Ever at MOCA will be the first time that the work will be shown in its entirety in Miami, the city that was not only the setting for the movies and inspiration, but also a character within the works. For the exhibition, MOCA’s galleries will transform into spaces that are quasi-recognizable as particular public and private settings, anchored by key seating elements

Any Ever is on view at MOCA, North Miami from June 24 through September 4, with another iteration simultaneously on view at MoMA PS1 in New York from June 19 through September 3, 2011. The presentation of Any Ever at MOCA is organized by MOCA Associate Curator Ruba Katrib.

Opening reception is Thursday June 23, from 6 – 8pm at The Museum of Contemporary Art. 770 NE 125th Street, North Miami, FL 33161

The After Party is Thursday June 23 starting at 9:30 – 11:30pm at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, 40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (RSVP only)


(Expect to see Skaters hit this at MOCA. Design by Lance Mountain and Geoff McFetridge)

Earlier this week, we wrote about the infamous Art in the Streets Exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). The opening was a smash success. The reason Art in the Streets has been getting such attention is because it’s the first major U.S. Museum exhibition focusing exclusively on the history of graffiti and street art.

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MOCA piece

The Art in the Streets show at MOCA in LA is something that is still reverberating. Above is a snapshot of the Barry McGee piece taken by one of our friends, Harry Beee.

MOCA’s Long-Awaited Art in the Streets

"Overwhelming" was how the crowd described the hotly-anticipated preview of MOCA’s "Art in the Streets" exhibit in Los Angeles. From old school flavor (Dondi, Futura, Lady Pink) to archive madness (Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, SAMO) Jeffrey Deitch and fellow curators Aaron Rose and Roger Gastman must surely be beaming with pride this morning from the rave reviews. And rightly so.

(Andre was all over the bathroom)

Highlights included French artist Andre’s contribution - LOVE GRAFFITI splashed across the women’s bathroom - as well as Ed Templeton’s black and white portrait wall, installations by ESPO, REAS, Mr. Cartoon and of course some Standard artists like Eric Haze, Geoff McFetridge, KAWS and Lady Aiko. Even NeckFace made his mark by posing as a homeless drunk within the shadows of his installation corner. 

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The 6th Street Mural Installation – HAZE

We are extremely honored and excited to share the new piece that adorns our 6th street mural from prolific artist Haze. NY-based - and born and bred – Haze has spent more than 30 years making art, from graffiti to abstract painting to graphic design.

While Haze may be best known for his logo work – which incidentally is what landed him amongst a heavy-hitting roster of his peers in MOCA’s new Art in the Streets exhibition – the work he created for us shows a true intersection of all of his methods. Straight from the mouth of Haze:

“This mural project represents an ongoing dialogue between my work as a graphic designer and abstract painter, tempered by my style and identity as a graffiti artist. Using both spray paint and traditional brush work, the subtext of this painting is about straddling these worlds; starting and ending with my recognizable vocabulary of stars and arrows, reduced to a freestyle abstract gesture in between, while capturing the inherent speed, flow and exaggerated scale of graffiti throughout.”

Further explaining the mural, Haze says that “the artwork is also the product of the very first sketch I created when considering a photograph of the blank wall. Working against the grain of certain ingrained design methodology, I have been seeking to achieve a more organic and emotional result with work done outside the studio environment.”

Haze has been super busy on his LA trip, between the mural and MOCA installation, but took a moment to answer a few of our questions. 

The Standard: You’re in town (at least in part) because you’re one of many prolific artists/designers in MOCA’s new Art in the Streets show, opening April 17. How does it feel to be part of this huge exhibition?

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Rodarte x MOCA’s Sci-Fi Vibe

Because Black Swan is the new Grindhouse and Rodarte’s recently unveiled exhibit “States of Matter” at MOCA’s mid-town outpost is floating our boat of LA inspiration. Just when you thought the sci-fi confines of the Pacific Design Center couldn’t get any cooler.

For further details go here:

Rodarte + MOCA

Fashion is art. No, really. It is. We swear. We realize we hear this alot, but lately, it’s all about the celebrity, or the red carpet, or which supermodel, or which party was coolest, or who had the most famous DJ, blah blah blah…. 

Time to strip things down. Just like Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte explains, it’s time to “examine the vessels without the bodies”. This is why we’re over the moon with the fact MOCA is presenting the first museum exhibition of Rodarte’s work in Los Angeles. 

Expect to see more than 20 pieces from Rodarte’s Spring 2010, Fall 2010, and Fall 2008 runway collections, and original ballet costumes designed by Rodarte for the feature film Black Swan.

“By removing the garments from the figure and creating an installation around them, the focus will be entirely on the dresses and tutus as singular sculptural objects rather than pieces that are reliant on their relationship to the human form,” said Associate Curator Rebecca Morse. “Their inherent narrative qualities will be revealed.”

Hallelujah for purism. For more details, go to: / Rodarte

Rodarte: States of Matter will be on view from March 4–June 5, 2011, at MOCA Pacific Design Center.