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In the Grace of The Rapture

Tonight, we join forces with Justine D. to celebrate a New York miracle: the return of The Rapture. Released September 6th on DFA Records, their new album sounds as magic and uplifting and beautiful as their first single “How Deep is your Love”. Enjoy the exclusive Standard Q&A and see you later tonight at the DFA & Throne of Blood Dance Party!

(The Rapture. Photo by Ruvan Wijesooriya)

The Standard: While recording your album in Paris, you said it was going to be “mystical, magical”. Did it happen?

The Rapture: Yes.  For sure! This mystery cannot be conveyed with words. It can only be felt.  If you are in a deep slumber it will wake you. If you cannot be roused out of your deep sleep than no mystery other than that of your own lethargy will you ever experience.

Philippe Zdar of Cassius fame produced the new LP. He is probably one of the coolest guys on earth and a kind of magician himself. Was it fun working with him?

Yes, it was incredibly fun to work with Philippe.  We created a new style together.  We were born ready to create this new style. It is inimitable, so don’t even try.  You will hurt yourself if you try.  In short, Philippe is our brother.  If you fuck with him you will experience anguish and pain beyond your conception. 

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The Rapture Returns!

This Friday, Le Bain is joining forces with Justine D, Throne of Blood and DFA Records to celebrate the release of the new album by The Rapture. In The Grace of Your Love will be released September 6th, but you probably already heard the fantastic first single “How Deep is Your Love”. You can download the remix by Populette here:

The party at Le Bain will feature DJ sets by fellow artists Nancy Whang (of LCD Soundsystem), Tim Sweeney and Populette. Come and celebrate the return of one of NYC’s most beloved bands!

New Year’s Eve At The Standard, New York

My gorgeous little friends, how I sit here and reminisce over the past year we’ve spent together.  The laughs, the tears and the martinis we’ve shared are all too bittersweet.  But the new year is upon us, and we can only look forward in anticipation of, hopefully, more martinis!  This year, we’re bringing you a stellar line up of musical happenings across The Standard, New York for New Year’s Eve.

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