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From the Archives: Boobs + Flowers by Olaf Breuning

From the Archives: Boobs + Flowers by Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning Signs Boobs on Friday

Olaf Breuning’s art is light-hearted, eclectic, and visually engaging. His installation, "Boobs and Flowers" was an eye-popping exhibit displayed at The Standard Miami this previous Art Basel 2010. The installation was in all its floating glory inside our pool that week. If you missed the Miami Beach viewing, now there is another chance to see it in New York (above all, its another chance to get one of the “uni-boobs” and have Olaf sign it). Now you can approach a world renowned artist with a straight face and ask “Hello, I’m a fan of your work. Can you sign my boob?”.

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Boobs & Flower Captions

DListed is one of our all time favorite blogs in the world.  The genius behind the madness is a little skinny gay guy named Michael K.  We don’t mean to out the guy, but if you read his work, it’s really no secret.  His love for men shows up on the site more than Chicken Cutlets does, but I’m really getting ahead of myself here.

My favorite part of the blog are the “Caption This" contests where Michael posts a crazy picture found on the web and his readers have to come up with appropriate captions for it.

Yesterday’s contest featured a still taken from an installation at The Standard, Miami during Art Basel inspired by Olaf Breuning’s short film, Boobs & Flowers.  Check out the contest and caption winner here.  It is a winner indeed!  Keep up the good work, Michael!


Part 2: Boobs and Flowers

Today is the 2nd exclusive premiere of a 3 part series on The Standard Culture website. The art short is entitled Boobs & Flowers created by Olaf Breuning. In addition to viewing this premiere on our website, the piece is being screened inside our Spa (our hammam to be exact). Just sit back, relax, and imagine swimming through these flowery boobs as you lean back in our elegant unisex bathhouse before and after you steam yourself from that late night Basel party last evening.

'Boobs and Flowers' by Olaf Breuning (Six Scents: Series Three) from Six Scents Parfums on Vimeo.

If you’re done visualizing the concept of swimming inside this film, you can literally exit our hammam and jump into our pool outside, where Olaf reconstructed this vision with an outdoor sculpture/performance piece with 300 stress release/squeeze boobs for one day only, today! — allowing each and every one of our visitors to take a dip into his sensual concept. Call it an interactive art installation, if you will.

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Graphic of the Day: Olaf Breuning

(Olaf Breuning, Art Basel 2008)

Here’s a trip down memory lane from Art Basel 2008. Artist Olaf Breuning was asked to make some art so he wowed folks with this unexpected sculpture. Yes, that’s real sand. If you can believe it, this creation was up until the end of the fair, until a bulldozer ended it’s life. 

Expect Olaf to construct a new creation at The Standard Miami for Art Basel this year. Stay tuned for lots of amazing coverage at this years Art Basel 2010, coming early December.