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(Pool) from Ramon J. Goni

We’re loving this pool video, very editorial don’t you think?  And we can’t rave enough about the location!

W Magazine - UNTITLED (pool) from Ramon J. Goni on Vimeo.

Untitled (pool) is a short film by Director Ramon J. Goni and Producer Susan Locht with an original score by Mikael Karlsson.  Shot entirely at The Standard Hollywood.

The Cobrasnake’s Chica

Irregular Choice, those British cobbler extraordinaires have done it again.   They got Mark Hunter, aka The Cobrasnake, aka party central, aka the ‘definitive photographer of hipster culture worldwide’ to collaborate on a shoe design that’s pure American Summer.  Ladies & gentlemen, Irregular Choice and The Cobrasnake bring you The Chica.

Breathtaking aren’t they?  Super high platforms in the all American red, white, and blue –don’t they just beg to be worn pool side (at The Standard, Hollywood perhaps?) with cutoffs and accessorized with a classic Bomb Pop?

Added bonus, each pair comes with it’s own speciality Irregular- Snake suitcase!  Click here to get yours and get started rockin your summer for reals.  

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We Gots Lots of 4th of July Plans

Get ready folks! We are entering another weekend of visual wonder with 4th of July weekend festivities. What better way for a group bond then getting together and looking up into the sky with a lot of communal “ooohs” and “aaaaahs”.

The Standard has a few shindigs going on at our various hotels in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Our locations are perfect with “money shot” views to behold all the magic.

Here’s a little rundown…

The Standard, New York

Once again, Le Bain will be hosting its memorable 4th of July party, one of the most coveted rooftops to enjoy the fireworks. The party starts at 3pm and runs through 2am with a load of dancing, cocktails, and fireworks simultaneously sparkling the sky.  Also, don’t forget your swimsuit - you might just want to dip in our hot tub during your firework viewing. Oh, and if you do forget, you know to get your pair in our poolside vending machines.

Another little note to all our friends — be mindful that we have one 1 stunning roof and New York City is very big, so we recommend coming early, getting your drink on, and picking a sexy corner early to watch the fireworks.

The Standard, Miami

On Sunday, there’s Lazy Sunday BBQ with $6 Picanha, Caipirinha, Beer and Drinks. The festivities begin from 2pm - 8pm.

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