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Chef Frederick Aquino’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

Working in an environment where endless amounts of pastries, sweets and cakes abound is always a dangerous thing for us over here at The Standard hotels.  In this specific moment though, we’re speaking about the genius that is pastry Chef Frederick Aquino from The Standard Grill.

For the fall season, Aquino has conjured up the most delectable pumpkin pie with gingersnap cookie crust and topped with sweetened crème fraiche.  Now, through the kindness of Chef Aquino’s sweet heart (pun intended), he has offered up his recipe for you to try at home.  The pictured candied pumpkin seeds are optional of course.

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and besides thanking the universe that you’re friends with moi, I’m sure you have other things for which to be thankful.  (I can’t imagine what those could be, but I’m sure they’re there.)

In celebration of this day of gratitude, all four of the The Standards have brought you Thanksgiving chicness across the board.

First off, The Standard Grill's very own Chef Dan Silverman has put together the above menu to put all Thanksgiving menus to shame.  That's just how he does it.  The regular dinner menu will also be available for those of you who care to go that unthankful route.  Don’t forget your dirty Stan D’Artinis, up, one olive!  For reservations please call 212-645-4100 or email them.  Operators are standing by.  (I’ve always wanted to say that…)

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