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Meet Punches

We’d like to introduce you to Punches, a band whose music you can find on our Standard Music Widget for January 2011 — located on the right side of this blog. Go ahead, you can stop reading this a sec, look for their song, hit play, then continue reading our interview with them below. 


The Standard: Would you say Punches is a DJ collective instead of a band?

PUNCHES in an experience, neither limited by the members who make the music nor the people who enjoy the sound.

How did you guys first meet eachother and how did you figure out that together, you 3 make magic?

The three of us are Hungarian Jews and we figured out that our grandfathers were freedom fighters by night and street buskers by day in Budapest. As the second world war heated up, our grandfathers lost touch, eventually losing contact completely. Alan’s grandfather passed away in the late 90s and when Darin and Greg’s passed away a few years ago, Alan honored his grandfather’s request of singing at the funeral. Once Darin and Greg heard his voice, they knew they had to work together.

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Nouveau York This Sunday!

Mark your calendar this Sunday for another night of Nouveau York hosted by Neil Aline and Jerome Viger-Kohler. This week, we got two great bands and DJ’s playing — the Glass and Punches.

This Sunday Dec 19th, NOUVEAU YORK at Le Bain, The Standard New York. 9pm-2am. Please note that we’ll open the doors at 9pm for the Winter, starting this Sunday. If you want to party, click “attending” at Facebook Nouveau York

Door policy is to the doorman’s discretion and capacity limitations.

CMJ Showcase at The Standard