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Watch this amazing video with musical genius Jeremy Ellis playing a maschino mikro in the Purple Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood. So cool!

Watch this amazing video with musical genius Jeremy Ellis playing a maschino mikro in the Purple Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood. So cool!

Ryan McGinness Hosts a Nudie Party in Hollywood


Ryan McGinness continued his LA takeover on Saturday night by unveiling his Blacklight Paintings project in The Purple Lounge of The Standard Hollywood. The event - co-produced by The Standard and Country Club Projects - highlighted the launch of his wildly successful Blacklight Nudie Cards (available hereas pole dancers flexed their fluorescent flesh alongside guests (McGinness obligingly looked on with a glass of Guinness in hand). His ambitious West Coast takeover (read: seven openings in six weeks) continues this Saturday evening June 4th from 9pm with a live Drawing Salon Party featuring models posing poolside at The Standard Hollywood. See you there!
To view more photos from the Blacklight Party, visit our photo gallery.

Meet DJ Micah

Meet DJ Micah.  He’s been known to take over the Purple Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood and we recently pinned him down and got him to answer a few questions for us:

Full Name? 

Micah James

What is your DJ name? Why?

DJ Micah James. Because Lindsey Buckingham was already taken

What genre of music do you spin?

Every kind. From Prince to The Pixies

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Ryan McGinness is lovin’ himself a little LA

Ryan McGinness has been visiting Los Angeles and the palm trees and constant sunshine seem to be suiting him just fine, not that he’s had much time to enjoy them. In the past week and a half he’s had two art openings and set up elaborate installations at both The Standard, Hollywood and The Standard, Downtown LA

Here are some of the photo highlights: 

(Ryan putting the final touches on The Vitrine at The Standard, Hollywood)

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Five Fun Facts About DJ Felix

(DJ Felix doin’ what he does best)

Fun facts about DJ Felix:

1. DJ Felix is Australian by birth but lives in LA now. 

2. He plays disco, funk, and electro.

2. His remix name is Plastic Plates

3. He’s done remix work for Adele, Sia, and Midnight Juggernauts. 

 4. His nickname is Felix Xavier.

5. He’ll be DJing in the Purple Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood tonight, May 4th, from 10pm - 2am (and he’s bringing the amazing DJ Utern with him)!

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A Couple Rounds with iO Tillett Wright

NYC based photographer iO Tillett Wright is known for her black and white photographs of underground outcasts, creatives, and weirdos.  Those not familiar with her work should definitely check out her blog and website ASAP.  Anyhoo, we’ve been fans for ages and asked if she’d mind trying her hand at The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. The end result is pretty effing awesome, here’s what she had to say about it:

(iO Tillett Wright for The Box at The Standard, Hollywood)

Tells us about your inspiration for your piece in The Vitrine: The installation in the Vitrine is basically my take on what the back room at a seedy, Chinatown boxing match would look like.  I shot at these underground boxing events in New York this past winter, that were totally illegal, and became known as male model boxing because they pitted male models against street fighters and boxers.  We just brought out a new little book of those photos, called ‘KISSER - The Last of The Friday Night Throwdowns’, which you’ll be able to get for free in any room at the Standard for the month my installation is up. The idea is that the model in there is either waiting for her fight or coming from her fight, and this is her time alone. She’s going to photograph herself all month long, and tape it up on the glass, gradually obscuring herself, with images of herself, as models can tend to do.

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Misty Rabbit hits up Hollywood

When we heard that Misty Rabbit, Paris’ favorite DJ disco bunny, was bouncing into the US we couldn’t resist asking her to stop by The Standard, Hollywood.  She’ll be DJing in the Purple Lounge on Monday, April 18th, and it’s going to be one hell of a party.  

Misty Rabbit, whose legal name is Mimi Xu (fabulous, we know), has a prestigious music resumé:

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Meet Steven Sué

Full Name: Steven Sué

Exact Title: Purple Lounge General Manager

Sun Sign: Scorpio

First off, tell us a bit about your background, and what you do at the Standard?

It’s a tough job, but someone has to keep the party going nightly, I run the Purple Lounge, hidden in the back of the restaurant; this includes booking djs and bands, hosting events and chewing a lot of fat. Thank god for my protestant work ethic.

What’s your favorite secret spot in Hollywood?

It’s hardly a secret, but Jumbo’s Clown Room is Hollywood’s best bar hands down. Sure, it’s a strip bar, but WHY NOT have a staff meeting there? Always something for everyone (Violet) and everything for someone (Cricket).

What was the last song you downloaded?

Alan Vega’s Jukebox Baby

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