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Le Bain + Saint James + André Saraiva = Chic

Photo courtesy of Henry Hargreaves

You know why it’s so good to be Stan?  Because I get to live in a world where the CHIC just doesn’t stop.  From Los Angeles to the South of France, wherever I go, I’m surrounded by amazingness.  Don’t be jealous.  It’s not a good look for you.  Plus, you know I always bring you along for the ride.

Tomorrow, in celebration of Bastille Day, we are launching our latest project at Le Bain.  We’ve teamed up with Le Bain’s creative director, André Saraiva and 122 year-old French nautical shirt company, Saint James, to bring you our custom limited edition naval shirt inspired by the Breton shirt worn by French navy since 1871.  All the staff up at Le Bain will be wearing them through the summer.

Saraiava has incorporated his trademark “Mr. A” character on the breast while a Le Bain at The Standard patch is on the right arm.  The shirts are 100% cotton and are available at The Shop at The Standard, New York as well as online at, Colette in Paris and Opening Ceremony in New York.  They are only $175 and are selling fast!  I’m already wearing mine.  Why aren’t you?


Aren’t André Saraiva and Annabelle Dexter-Jones the cutest models ever?! Check out his love letter to her here.