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The Deleted SNL Scene

This last Saturday was the season finale for Saturday Night Live! Somehow, we managed to survive the Rapture that evening, and were graced with a final batch of comic shorts. First, there was Lady Gaga doing her "Born This Way" rendition with another wacky outfit… all the while simulating birth onstage. Justin Timberlake was the actor host. Then there was the return of Jimmy Fallon, for a special reunion of Justin and Jimmy doing "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" doing a hilarious opening tune.

Most notably, we just got schooled on the fact there was a deleted scene that didn’t air Saturday night. It’s called “Mozart: Dress Rehearsal”. It’s pretty damn funny. 

The Creep

SNL’s Andy Samberg is back with his comedy troupe The Lonely Island (with his buddies Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone). Who can forget “Jizz in My Pants”? The theme of this ditty is all dirty gangster menacing white boys in the club. Toss in Nicki Minaj who throws down some verses too.

The tune, which is on the 2nd Lonely Island album, has only been out a month and already its got 14 million hits on YouTube. Damn. Anyway, the song is for purchase at iTunes or Amazon or played online as a Saturday Night Live (SNL Digital Short). 

Ballerina Battle

In honor of Natalie Portman’s Golden Globe victory on Sunday night, we thought we’d share some Black Swan humor from the folks at SNL. Here’s some words from the glowing winner post Award show. But first, enjoy this preposterous dance-off!