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Stan D’istraction: Turban Outfitters

Just a little silliness for a bleak Monday morning.  See you at The Standards!  

Stan D’istraction: Banking of Tomorrow, 1969

I came across this video just this morning while I was Facebook stalking Simonez, the mastermind behind the door at Le Bain.  Fascinating to watch how 1969 envisioned the future as we live in it today.  Ford’s Model T was invented a short hundred years ago, and I can only imagine what we’ll see in another 50 years.

My bets are on Jack Dorsey and Square.  I bet 1969 never could have predicted that!

Stan D’istraction: Don’t Start A Fire

Yesterday, I was using the restroom at another hotel in Manhattan which shall remain nameless, and I saw the most peculiar sign painted on the wall.  What did it all mean?  After all those martinis, I was having trouble figuring it out so I snapped this photo for you to help a Stan out.  Tweet me your thoughts.

Stan D’aily Distraction: Just A Thought

Stan D’aily Distraction: Freak Dancing

This is so annoying!  Freak dancing is all I know how to do!!!


Stan D’aily Distraction: Hungover

In honor of my throbbing headache, I present you with this useful information.

Stan D’aily Distraction: Steve Buscemeyes

Nikki Minaj with Buscemeyes

I don’t think there is anyone that loves Photoshop more than moi.  The possibilities are endless…as you can see on more than one magazine cover.  We’re not naming names here.  That’s why when one of our most genius friends sent us this Tumblr site where Steve Buscemi's eyes are Photoshopped onto various famous ladies, we almost shattered our martini glass in hand.

Ladies and Stan D’entlemen, we would like to introduce you to the latest in my list of obsessions, Chick With Steve Buscemeyes!  HAHAHAHHAHAH!  I can’t even type that without laughing.  You have to see it to believe it.  

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Stan D’aily Distraction: Watch It, Dorothy!

Dorothy Zbornak better not be speaking to me!  Courtesy of Little K-Hole.

Stan D’aily Distraction: Please Recycle

Stan D’aily Distraction: My Chanel Lunch

Just a little reminder from Stan via Karl Lagerfeld.  I’ll take the Le Burger No. 5.  And I’ll also take some fries with that shake.