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Gelato…Just What I Need

There are times when I just want to kill our Executive Pastry Chef Frederick Aquino!  I’ve made it through the summer avoiding his irresistible ice cream cart at the Standard, New York while running away from Chef Mark’s chick pea fries at The Standard, Miami.  I haven’t gained a pound (but I haven’t lost one either!)

Now, in another mastermind maneuver, Chef Aquino has unleashed his homemade gelato onto Manhattanites, and people are up in arms.  Chocolate, Vanilla and Passion Fruit are your sinful pleasures, and they are available on the Rooftop at Le Bain and in the Plaza of the Standard, New York.  $3 for one scoop, $5 for two.  There goes my girlish figure.  Ugh.


Madonna Is Old(er)

On this hallowed day, August 16, the world was given Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone to teach us how to love ourselves (usually with one hand), how to express ourselves to the masses (using video cameras in the privacy of our own homes) and how to remain timelessly youthful (via Photoshop and other technological marvels). 

So with this we wish you, Lady M, a very Happy Birthday.  



I have a friend named Adam who drives me up the wall because he just does.  Sometimes, to send him over the edge (I love a little revenge), I like to throw an “UGH” into a text or an email or on the phone.  It drives him crazy, and when it does, I just giggle on the inside like a little schoolgirl.

Today, he took my bitter revenge and turned into a thing of beauty by finding this artist rendition of my favorite word.  Thought it was worth sharing…  Bye.


Stan D’istraction: Turban Outfitters

Just a little silliness for a bleak Monday morning.  See you at The Standards!  

Stan D’istraction: Banking of Tomorrow, 1969

I came across this video just this morning while I was Facebook stalking Simonez, the mastermind behind the door at Le Bain.  Fascinating to watch how 1969 envisioned the future as we live in it today.  Ford’s Model T was invented a short hundred years ago, and I can only imagine what we’ll see in another 50 years.

My bets are on Jack Dorsey and Square.  I bet 1969 never could have predicted that!

The New Standard, New York Bikes Have Arrived

Last year, when someone finally told me that I didn’t need a driver’s license to ride a bike, I moved “Learn To Ride Bike” straight to the top of my Teux Deux list!  And just in time too!  Remember last year’s bikes?

Being that I live my life season by season as opposed to year by year, I needed a new to bike to complement my Fall Winter designer fashions, and my Stan D’elovelies at our International HQ totally Stan D’elivered!

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Stan D’istraction: Don’t Start A Fire

Yesterday, I was using the restroom at another hotel in Manhattan which shall remain nameless, and I saw the most peculiar sign painted on the wall.  What did it all mean?  After all those martinis, I was having trouble figuring it out so I snapped this photo for you to help a Stan out.  Tweet me your thoughts.

Stan D’arde’s Summer Essentials

The Pool at The Standard, Miami

For me, weekends are the greatest days of the week.  Actually, my entire week is really like a seven day weekend, but I like to focus on Saturday and Sunday because that’s when my friends don’t have to go a thing they call a “job” (what is that????), and they have time to hang out with me.  

Now that I find myself spending a lot of time in NYC during the summer, the friends and I usually run out to my beach house for the weekend or we fly down to The Standard, Miami for endless spa services or we go to LA to hang out with celebs and all the fabulous people I know at The Standard, Hollywood or The Standard, Downtown LA.  

But no matter where I go, there are certain things I always need to take with me, and I’m here today to share them with you because I know your weekends would fall apart without them…

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Standard Sounds Presents Koudlam

Last night, in another tour de force Standard Sounds presentation, our song of the week star, Koudlam, took to the stage on Top of The Standard.  The evening, hosted by André Saraiva and Johan Lindeberg, brought out all of downtown’s coolest including Joe Zee, Neville Wakefield, Annabelle Dexter-Jones and former Standard Sounds star Diego Garcia!

Why does the chicness follow me wherever I go?  It’s almost tiring!  Check out the Gallery for a full rundown of photos from the evening.