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The best in barely-there fashion returns this summer for Swim Week. 

The best in barely-there fashion returns this summer for Swim Week. 

Suiting up for Swim Week at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach 

Suiting up for Swim Week at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach 

We can’t wait for Swim Week at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach!
Photos by Ben Watts for Elle Magazine. 

We can’t wait for Swim Week at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach!

Photos by Ben Watts for Elle Magazine. 

Swim Week Flashback

Now that Swim Week is over, we wanted to congratulate all the talented Designers that showcased their new collections recently in Miami. We love a good swimsuit ourselves and carry a wide variety at our our own shop inside The Standard Miami, as well as our sister hotel, Sunset Beach.


We checked in with two of our designers to gauge their week. The first is Salinas, by Rosana Lara. Her inspiration for this summer are the songs written for Rio de Janeiro, its places, the lifestyle, warmth, freshness and happiness that inspired the chroniclers, poets and songwriters. She creates her suits as the incarnate of the energy Brazil powerfully reflects.   

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Swim Week Wrap Up

(Lazy Sunday Swim with The Webster Ladies)

Who better than Laure Heriard Dubreuil (founder of The Webster), to give us a glimpse of Miami Beach’s fabulous Swim Week 2011? We love her highlights of Swim, including driving the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Force car, the Coveter Shoot at her apartment, her fashion police arrest of Lisa Marie Fernandez, and of course, her favorite pics of Lazy Sunday Swim at The Standard Miami.

(Model with Charlotte Olympia shoe)

On Saturday, Swim Vixen Swim by RANA*ROJO was a huge success and we loved the designs of RANA*ROJO’s resort line for 2012. The Standard Miami’s Lido Lounge was the perfect location for this sexy Swim Show. Born in Katmandu, Nepal, lead designer Ash Rana and Cuban born, fine artist Damian Rojo merged their talents and formed RANA*ROJO in 2008.  For this collection, RANA*ROJO created their prints by hand drawing and digitally re-contextualizing their findings ranging from medieval textiles to 60’s wallpaper design. Swim Vixen Swimwas inspired by 50’s undergarments, orientalism and 60’s film femme fatales. Each distinctive piece in the collection is hand dyed and screen-printed. Check out the pictures here.

(Laure in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Force car with CBS crew filming)

On Saturday night was also Native Swim with DJ Mia Moretti and DJ Tamara Sky. It was so much fun! We even heard one of the DJ’s jumped onto a paddle board with a pair of Natives on! The party was dope as usual with Xavier Burt of Native and Sebastian Puga as hosts of the party.  The kicks are perfect for the Miami weather and we loved the Native vibeCheck out the party pics!

(Coveter Shoot at Laure’s apartment in Vintage YSL dress + Prada shoes)

This year’s Swim Week Lazy Sunday Party was just the perfect day in paradise. A great collaboration came together with The Standard MiamiThe WebsterGilt City MiamiOcean Drive MagazineHavaianas and sponsors Leblon Cachaca and Societe Perrier. Everyone loved making their own Havaianas and taking funny photo booth pictures.  The models from The Webster sported all the latest looks as they mingled throughout the crowd. Add to that all the weekly Lazy Sunday goodies including Brazilian BBQ, Ping-Pong, Tetherball, and Paddle boarding. Check out the rest of the pictures here! (Congrats to our VIP gift bag winners with our personal favorite photo booth pics, Corrie y Rodrig!)

(Nikki Hilton + Laure)

(Swim Vixen Swim by RANA*ROJO, photo by Okwuchi Duru-Jones, OJ, colladj Photography)

(DJ Mia Moretti, Native Swim Party)

(Whitney Port and Laure)

(The Webster Models with the Make Your Own Havaianas Cart)

(Models in the Mud Lounge)

Swim Week: Summery Tumblr’s

(A taste of Swim Week on

As soon as the sun pops and as fast as SWIM WEEK creeps up…the summer blogs bloom, and so do the wishes for new bathing suits! Here are other blogs to sustain your excitement:





Native Swim

So many things we’re looking forward to this Swim Week, especially the Native Shoes Party on Saturday Night! Sebastian Puga is headed back from Le Bain to host Native Shoes Swim show with Xavier Burt from Native. Expect delicious drinks and BBQ, NYC’s most talented fashion icon/celebrity DJ Mia Moretti & Miami’s king of style DJ Induce , and of course lots of Native Shoes! Many of the staff of Standard Miami where these, as they’re the perfect poolside shoes. RSVP required

Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes, but made with the lightest and most comfortable material available, Native Shoes are the best of both worlds. Footware of the future done with the style of everything we’ve ever loved about shoe design. You can clip them on for a quick stroll, throw them into your backpack for a day at the beach. Native shoes aesthetic is relaxed, flexible and active. Native shoes is footware for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Follow @standardmiami to see how you can win your own pair soon!

Saturday July 16, 5 - 10pm

The Standard Miami

40 Island Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Swim Week is Coming!

Starting July 15th through the 18th, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is presenting Swimwear Week! As you know, we love a good bathing suit - (check out our poolside swimwear vending machines or prepare ahead of time by getting one here.) In addition, the Swimwear Association of Florida brings its 2011 Swim Show to the Miami Beach Convention Center, July 16-19, 2011. This show is the most comprehensive swimwear trade show in the world, and this year marks the launch of the Lingerie Show. This year’s roster includes over 350 exhibitors representing nearly 2,000 lines. This is the largest swimwear trade show in the world and gives buyers a first look at the latest designs for the coming season.

The Standard hotel in Miami is of course in the middle of all the mayhem with fabulous events every night and day swirling around our pool area. Remember, Swim Week is not just a bunch of fashion shows—it also brings together swimwear designers, DJ’s, event planners, buyers, models, and whoever else wants to enjoy the Miami sun for 5 days of celebration.

PLUS! We’re hosting the event below and would love to see you there! Not able to make it? Check back next week for full post-event coverage on this and all the other festivities. 

Miami Swim Week was a Blast

(Friends wearing the new Standard/Quiksilver collabo during Swim Week)

We love visiting Miami once a year for the annual Swim Week. A large part of the festivities luckily occur at The Standard, Miami which attracts all the cool locals and New Yorkers looking to relax in the spa and Hamam, one of the few sacred relaxing spots in Miami Beach.

The men’s trunks you see here (pictured above) are the brand new collection of board shorts that The Standard created with Quiksilver. We presented the collection with a smash party by the pool. It was an afternoon of BBQ, ping pong battles, good music, and water guns spiked with vodka. The cute girl in the bikini is also rocking our women’s version of the swimwear collaboration.

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