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Tired of rosé? Here are the OTHER perfect warm weather wines.

Tired of rosé? Here are the OTHER perfect warm weather wines.

Chilling with Iouri “I-Pod” Podladtchikov

Just what we want to on a Sunday morning…
Ed Westwick in the back room of The Standard Grill shot for Block Magazine

Just what we want to on a Sunday morning…

Ed Westwick in the back room of The Standard Grill shot for Block Magazine

Renee Zellweger dines at The Standard Grill for Zoo Magazine

Renee Zellweger dines at The Standard Grill for Zoo Magazine

New York Wine & Food Festival Is Coming

It’s a little bit early to bring this to the table (pun TOTALLY intended), but I couldn’t hold in my excitement!  The New York Wine & Food Festival is slowly descending upon us, and once again, The Standard, New York is the official hotel partner for all the culinary festivities.  

The Feast will be doing their talks series in the Plaza, and the annual Oyster Bash will take place in the Biergarten.  There will also be sausages, cornichons, beer, wine and all the huitlacoche you can eat!  Okay.  I’m not sure there will be the delicacy that is huitlacoche, but click on the link…it’s worth the read.

What I’m most over the moon about is Chef Dan’s dinner on Friday the 30th of September.  Working side by side with Chef Marco Canora of Hearth and Terroir and Chef Bill Telepan of Telepan, Silverman has created a menu using absurdly fresh market vegetables integrated with Spanish flavors and consumed in the worlds of Italy and France.  Does that mean he’s making a Beouf Bourguignon Paella Pasta???  Yeah.  I’m not sure either.  But what I DO know is that it is going to be mind blowing as is customary for Silverman.

The dinner will take place in the Garden Room at The Standard Grill on September 30 at $250 a person.  Buy your tickets now, and make sure not to eat anything that entire day.  Gluttony abounds!

The New York Wine & Food Festival takes place September 29 - October 2.

Daily Specials at The Standard Grill

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Lipman, The New York Times

Since day one, Chef Dan Silverman has had our guests at The Standard Grill vying for more with his menus spanning from breakfast through dinner and all the way into late night.  Even the NY Post set their eyes on our Million Dollar Chicken again just this past week.  

So, it was inevitable that Chef would once again up the ante, but this time he has brought them to you in the form of Daily Specials founded in centuries old traditions such as salt baking, air drying and rustic sauces.  We know you creatures of habit love your consistency, and now, you can dive into your favorite dish on any specific day of the week.  

I present you with The Daily Specials….

MONDAYS - DUCK MEATBALLS ARRABIATA: Classic Tuscan meatballs made with duck tenderloins, laced with foie gras and topped with Harissa, a classic middle eastern chili paste.

TUESDAYS - WHOLE ROAST LONG ISLAND DUCK FOR TWO:  This whole duck is hung dried overnight using the Peking technique of inflating and separating the skin from the body which allows it to cook to a crackling crisp.  Succulent and delicious!

WEDNESDAYS - WHOLE ROAST MARKET FISH: Le poisson du jour is baked in a salt crust contain its natural moisture and ensuring that the fish’s full flavor is captured.

THURSDAYS - SUCKLING PIG CONFIT: This classic is given Chef Dan’s special twist by brining the whole pig over night and cooking it in very slowly in duck fat under tender.  The bones are then removed, and the skin is crisped in a pan.  You haven’t tasted anything yet!

FRIDAYS - THE STANDARD BOUILLABAISSE: This traditional Provencal fish stew is served with an aioli that is flavored from Merguez fat.

SATURDAYS - SALT BAKED LEG OF LAMB: Just as described, this leg of lamb is baked in a salt crust to contain all of its natural moisture and served with a Provencal Mustard of roasted garlic and anchovy purée.

SUNDAYS - SHORT RIB POT AU FEU WITH MARROW & SPRING VEGETABLES: Poached slowly in an aromatic broth until extremely tender, the ribs are then coated with a marrow crusted and heated in an oven until the inside is hot throughout and the marrow is crispy.  

I didn’t mean to torture you this way.  You’re probably sitting there licking your screen in hopes of catching just a taste of the specials, but you don’t have to do that…just call for a reservation.

The Standard Grill, 848 Washington Street, 212-645-4100

V Magazine’s Standard Photo Booth

When V Magazine talks.  Most people listen….including The Standard, New York.  

That’s why when they called asking to use our photo booth downstairs in The Standard Grill, we said Bring it on, V!  Next thing we knew, Joan Smalls, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Anouk LePere, Abbey Kershaw, Crystal Renn and a slew of other long legged beauties came stomping through our doors. The result were strips upon strips of photo booth glamour….the kind of glamour that I thought I was the only one capable of giving the world.

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The Standard Grill BreakUp

We love when our guests at The Standard Grill get creative.  This video just came in from a director who calls himself Le Double-V.  A sad story of the breakup of two loving canine salt & pepper shakers, we watch her depart with her sugar cube suitcase leaving her lover to toss and turn in agony on his napkin bed.  

Best Burger In The World

You, more than anyone, know that I have a few guilty sins.  Okay, some of you know I have A LOT of guilty sins, but we don’t really have to share those here right now.  Moving on.  One of the sins that I do want to share with you though is Chef Dan Silverman's Ranch Burger from The Standard Grill.  

Canada’s Kiwi Collection just voted it one of the best burgers in the world today!  (Chef Dan is totally huge in Canada by the way, but that’s another story in itself.)

Served on a brioche bun with cheese, bacon (optional) and other toppings, this massive burger really doesn’t compare with anything else.  Its genius is in its simplicity.

You can get the burger in the Living Room at The Standard, New York, but if you want to indulge in it at The Grill, you can call 212-645-4100 for a reservation.


Standard Bingo: Welcome to The Jungle

If you’re cooler than your friends (and almost as cool as me), you know where the best Sunday night party is.  Yes.  I’m talking about Bingo at The Standard Grill.  For the past few months, The Standard, New York's culinary mecca transforms itself into a debaucherous free-for-all bingo party hosted by the our favorite emcee, Michael Stauffer, and his trusty sidekick, James Thompson.

This past Sunday’s game, themed Welcome To The Jungle, proved no less tame than normal as guests donned face and body paint, sang along to Guns ‘n Roses and viciously fought each other for the grand prize, which coincidentally, was NOT a night out on the town with me.  Too bad for you.  Click through to check out Marisa McGrody's photo essay of the evening.

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