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The 24/7 Projection: Chris Dorland’s Video Debut

(Still from Chris Dorland’s Restoration Hardware)

Artist Chris Dorland is a self-proclaimed image scavenger. If you’re familiar with his work, you’ll know what he means. Dorland creates amazing works framing found images in a new context. While to this point he’s mostly worked as a painter, we are thrilled to host his first ever video piece Restoration Hardware in collaboration with Art Production Fund in The 24/7 Projection at The Standard, Downtown LA and The Standard, Hollywood.

Dorland took a few moments to answer our questions and give us some insight into his process.

The Standard: Up to this point you have mainly been a painter – what made you want to transition to video work?
Chris Dorland: It’s think it’s important to be clear that I am not transitioning away from painting to video but rather I’m just adding a new component to my work. Movies and commercials have been fundamental to my understanding of the world and the development of my subjectivity. Long before paintings ever were. This was just the most obvious way of highlighting that relationship.

Commercial imagery in Restoration Hardware.

What inspired Restoration Hardware in particular to be your first foray into video? And why the name Restoration Hardware?
I had been watching a lot of videos on You Tube. Old advertisements and corporate videos. I’d been saving my favorite videos for a while. I’m very interested in how the idea of Progress gets aestheticised and then ultimately instrumentalized by capitalism. In one way or the other all my work is about the relationship between idea of the future and the construction of consumption and desire. The video is named after the home furnishings store of the same name. It’s such an odd name. It’s sounds like a thrift shop where you would buy used computer parts or cybernetic limbs. Not brand new couches and rugs. 

Restoration Hardware utilizes a lot of found footage/image collage, which is a theme throughout your previous work as well. What is behind this and how do you think it contributes to the overall feel and message of your work?
At base I’m an image scavenger. I find things that already exist and I retrofit them so they have new meaning. It’s a kind of bricolage. Hands on appropriation. Restoration Hardware is a rehabilitation project. 

What was the process like behind the making of this piece and how was it different from your typical process?
It was surprisingly not different at all. It was thoroughly fun. My girlfriend Erin gave me a quick tutorial on Final Cut Pro and that was it. I spent the next 2 weeks developing it. It felt very natural. The only aspect that was new to me was collaborating on the soundtrack. One of my oldest and closest friends Leon Louder scored the piece. He is an amazing audio engineer and I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time. But that was also really easy. We’ve been friends for so long that we have a kind of short hand. We both really enjoyed working together and I’m sure there will be more projects in the future.

What’s next for you?
I just finished my second video SOLEIL SOLEIL (a collaboration with my friend Alexander Carver) which I’m very pleased with. Otherwise I’m spending the summer in the studio painting. Along with a much needed vacation to the Boundary waters.


Watermelon for Summer!

We don’t know why silly stop motion films make us all warm and fuzzy. Here’s good inspiration to do your own 4th of July with a food art project. This one is called Watermelon Nights from Dan Meth on Vimeo. Check out the rejected eggplant. Sad, but this is a Watermelon party after all!

A Little Shopping on The Sunset Strip, Circa 1967

Here’s a groovy little promo video shot for Belinda’s, a clothing store that existed on The Sunset Strip in the late 60’s.  Belinda’s was located a few blocks down from the present day location of The Standard, Hollywood and, much like today, The Strip in the 60’s was the epicenter of the youth movement and was the place to be and be seen.  Sit back, take a little trip back in time, and let the owner of Belinda’s, Charles Lange, prove that “fashion can really be fun”.  

(The music from the opening scene is just priceless)

Saturday Night Vision

This Saturday, Blu Jemz is back at Le Bain “in straight outta Paris mode” with his Night People, Eli Escobar and Lloydski. Need some warm up? We asked our three Saturday Knights to come up with a video Selection.


A Long Hot Summer is coming

Full of Creatures à la Kim Ann Foxman

Is there Somebody to Love Me?

Because I Need to Justify My Love.

Deep Into the Night

I’ll be Your Mirrors.

Night People, every Saturday at Le Bain. Music by Eli Escobar, Lloydski and Blu Jemz. Doors open 10pm.

IFC Screening Tonight at Standard Miami

IFC (Independent Film Channel) is previewing two shows and has partnered with Yelp. This means that anyone attending this event will get to watch these shows way before they’re even out. The screening is open to all and will take place in the Lido Lounge at Standard Miami.

The two films screened tonight at The Standard Miami are:

Young, Broke, and Beautiful 

"Hosted by writer/blogger Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart, this non-fiction series is a travel show for a generation of alternative culture enthusiasts. Stuart travels the country and infiltrates the underground of American cities to find the hidden, cheap and carefully guarded secrets that aren’t in any guidebook. This is a travel show for explorers and wanderers with a desire to celebrate everything weird and unique. This season, Broke-Ass will travel to Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans and San Diego."

Rhett & Link : Commercial Kings 

"Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings chronicles the quest of life-long best friends Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal as they travel the country making epic local commercials for some of the nation’s most deserving local businesses. This docu-comedy is based on the successful web series I Love Local Commercials and features Rhett & Link helping local businesses achieve their goals by creating eye-catching local commercials."

Thursday, June 16, 2011 8:00 pm at The Standard Miami, located at 40 Island Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 673-1717

A Divorce Party

Chat Chow Takes On Chef Mark Zeitouni

There are only two reasons I go to Miami Beach.  The first one is The Spa at The Standard, Miami and the second one is Chef Mark Zeitouni’s menu at The Lido.  Don’t even get me started on either one because there isn’t enough cyberspace to support my rant.

Recently, Chat Chow to a minute or two to visit Chef Mark at The Standard, Miami and to ask him to elaborate on what he’s best at.  I personally would have asked him what he was wearing under his chef whites, but I digress…


How Did we Miss this Bit of Awesomeness?

We know that you may have already seen this clip of the forthcoming 71 minute epic Girl Talk music video, especially since it was already mentioned in a few little periodicals like, say, The New York Times and, um, The Huffington Post. We apologize if you’re all, “Hey Standard, February called and wants their video clip back”. It’s just that we only discovered it yesterday and would hate to think there are a few others out there who, like us, may have missed out on this little bit of awesomeness. Enjoy!

Girl Walk // All Day from jacob krupnick on Vimeo.

Girl Walk // All Day: A Music Video of Epic Proportions is directed by Jacob Krupnick, features dancer Anne Marsen, and is set to Girl Talk’s new album, All Day.  The feature length music video is due to be released later this summer.   For more information check out their website by clicking here.

Click here to download a free legal copy of Girl Talk’s latest album, All Day.

Mike Mills Movie Opens This Week

Last week we mentioned Mike Mills book signing at Opening Ceremony for his new project and film. This week we’re psyched to annonce the opening of the film, Beginners

Director Mike Mills inspiration was sparked by the tragic loss of both of his parents within a few years of each other. After jotting down the memories in his mind, it would take him another 10 years to transform the story into a film. Beginners, is a semi-autobiographical story about Mills’ life — including his aging father’s revelation that he was gay after being married to Mills’ mother for 44 years. Ewan McGregor plays Mike’s role while his love interest in the film is the striking Mélanie Laurent (whom you may remember from Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds). Christopher Plummer plays the newly out of the closet father. A stellar cast. 

The themes of the film are further explored in Filmmaker Magazine’s interview with Mike Mills. Release date is this Friday, June 3rd.  

Theyyyyy’re Baaaaack! Swimming With Sharks

Swimming With Sharks: 2011 Teaser from The Video Mouse on Vimeo.

Even though it’s not technically until June 21, most people mark the beginning of summer with Memorial Day. For us, it doesn’t truly feel like summer until the Swimming With Sharks crew shows up, so we’re excited to announce that we’ll be kicking off the season this Saturday, June 4, with Swimming With Sharks on The Rooftop!

As we gear up for Saturday, host Matt Goldman gives us a little peek behind the curtain. Read more for a Q&A with the leader of the pack…

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