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International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Flexible Love Collection

For the most part, nothing really happens by accident.  There’s a thought process behind whatever it is we surround ourselves with.  Within that thought process comes a moment of realization which must give birth to execution.  That moment, or series of, is called design.  Is that actually true or did I just make all that up?  It doesn’t matter.  The point is that it’s that time when the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is upon us, and we’re beyond exuberant!

Beginning tomorrow, the ICFF comes to New York City, and with it brings designers, retailers, artists and design enthusiasts from all over the world sharing their innovation and love of design.  This years roster of exhibitors is stellar, and the special features offered by the fair is one that any designer would envy.

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Obsession…Not By Calvin Klein

Every now and then, a little piece of amazingness crosses our path, and this time around, it’s this short film called An Obsession by director Sandro Suppnig of Magellan Films.  

In just under two minutes, you get everything one could ever hope for…Paris in the Spring, a moment that takes your breath away, sex, lust, a working fireplace (!!!) and clothes by Dior Homme, Zac Posen & Maison de Talons. 

Featuring French actor, David Kammenos, and German Supermodel, Katrin Thormann, An Obsession has become my latest obsession.


Love Boat Star Power

Sometimes, our hotels can feel a little bit like “The Love Boat” — exciting and new faces, some recurring regulars (i.e. Charo), a healthy does of drama that gets resolved, exotic travels, and world travelers.

Nothing however compares to this one vintage clip of 4 Power Women belting out some broadway tunes together on stage —  Ethel Merman, Ann Miller, Carol Channing and Della Reese. The song “I’m The Greatest Star”, from Funny Girl, is the show tune that makes them shine.

Here is a jewel dug out of obscurity thanks to the greatest invention known to man, You Tube (a close tie with Tumblr, where we found this clip). Here’s the “Broadway Follies” episode of Love Boat aired in 1982. 

Jon Hamm Has a New Friend

Whenever you see a video on the Funny or Die site, you expect some dark turn somewhere along the way. Here is a random little vignette of a moment. John Hamm finds a friend on the freeway, and well, just take the ride for yourself.

Directed by Toben Seymour.

Herman Dune “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” from Jon Hamm

Vintage Expo is Vintage Heaven

If you’re staying at any of The Standard Hotels in Los Angeles this week, you are in town at just the right time. We can hardly contain our excitement over the spectacle that is the twice-yearly Vintage Expo at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. In town for two days only, the exhibition gathers high quality vintage vendors from across California into one, convenient to shop place.

Between the goodies in the above video and this epic participants list, we can’t wait for Saturday. We’ll be arriving early to get our hands on the best finds.

Vintage Expo
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Regular Admission, $10 Early Admission, $20

Graphic of the Day: Bitch You Breakfast

Today’s graphic is in the form of a video. We can’t stop humming this tune. The animation is top notch too. We’re betting this will be one of the jams on rotation this summer. 

Artillery Video Award Screening

A while ago, Artillery, one of our favorite art magazines, sent out an open call contest requesting video shorts that emphatically framed behavior outside the norm.  The judges, Tulsa Kinney (Editor of Artillery), Steve Cioffi (videographer), and Paige Wery (Publisher of Artillery) dug through the submissions and selected the best of the best.  The finalists include shorts that cover celebrity martyrs, social outliers, sexual taboo detonation experts, and obsessed rocketeers. The final line-up includes artists and filmmakers from Los Angeles and New York City.   Now it’s up to you to pick the winner. We’ll be screening the nominees tomorrow at 7pm in the Purple Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood and voting will occur immediately following the viewing. 

(My Atlas: Lindsay/A Report to an Academy from Anne Sherwood Pundyk on Vimeo.)

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Laurel Nakadate Video Projections

We are proud to announce a new video installation with Art Production Fund by artist Laurel Nakadate premiering this weekend at The Standard, Downtown LA and The Standard Hollywood. Her work has been exhibited in The Museum of Modern Art and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Her work is also residing in many public and private collections including the Yale University Art Gallery, the Saatchi Collection and currently on view at MOMA PS 1.

Laurel Nakadate’s Video Projection on view at The Standard

Laurel’s work can best be described as intense and unsettling. Ultimately, she enjoys challenging the perceptions of power between men and women — the seduction, trust, tenderness, loss, and betrayal. Laurel took a few minutes to answer some questions about her Standard Projection 24/7 series, and some other personal passions she’s got on the grill…

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The Limousines

This week, Director Mathieu Wothke has introduced his new video for The Limousines. The visuals are a deep reminder that this barrage of software and graphics are truly a whole new language for this generation. We can’t stop staring at the visual narrative. We asked Mathieu about his new digital Frankenstein creation and the fate of music videos today.  

THE LIMOUSINES from Mathieu Wothke on Vimeo.

Congrats on the new video. How many hours did it take to complete video and how did the idea come together?

Thank you very much, I think that after the shooting, it took a month and a half to do all the postproduction work: editing, animation, graphic research etc.

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Mind Games, by Casey Neistat

Mind Games - directed by Casey Neistat from Nike Sportswear on Vimeo.

Casey Neistat is a runner. He’s also a filmmaker. But he’s not the type that went to film school. He’s more the type of guy that just bought a camera and iMac and figured it out. This little piece is a creative short film that Casey created over a few weeks as he trained for the New York Marathon. Casey slapped his alarm clock every morning, booted up his Nike sneakers, and pounded the pavement with a video camera while facing the demons that aimed to distract his mission. After 3 weeks of documenting, and scoring with his friend Jordan Galland, Mind Games was birthed. 

Check out Casey and his brother’s video on our StandART Channel too and on HBO with his show, The Neistat Brothers.