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Spa Month with Mina

(Mud Lounge at The Standard Miami)

Ahhh Spa Month at The Standard Miami… the perfect chance to indulge in all of your favorite rituals. Sadly, it is almost over, but there are still a few more days to take advantage (ends August 30). We caught up with Mina Gough, Spa Director at The Standard Spa Miami Beach, to get her tips on Spa Month.

The Standard: Which Spa Month Treatment is the most popular this year?

The “Hamam Ritual” is by far the favorite. Guests keep falling in love with our indoor and outdoor baths with this full bath house experience. Whether it’s a massage, or scrub on the Hamam marble, or soaking in the holistic bathtubs, it’s pure soulful bliss - so amazing! Many are inspired and make this their new regimen, exploring the curative effects of water and our restorative therapies.

Do you have a personal favorite Spa Month treatment?

We curated the treatments to be in depth with unique transformative rituals head to toe - to inspire relaxation, health and wellbeing. It’s so impossible to pick one!

Start with the “Inside Out” our one on one training of your choice (pilates, yoga, meditation or fitness) flexes and stretches body and mind for that inner glow and is so fun with the bayside mud lounge evoking a sense of play while leaving skin equally radiant!

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Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training

The Standard Miami has long been known for it’s Health, Yoga and Fitness program. WIth everything from Ashtanga to Jivamukta, the serene surroundings of The Standard Miami are the perfect setting to get your asana on. Coming back for the second annual teacher training, Karma Kids Yoga returns!

“Nothing is more rewarding than introducing children to the world of yoga.”

The Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program is for anyone who loves working with children. The training will provide fun-filled, engaging ideas that are beneficial for kids of all ages. The Karma Kids training incorporates the use of animated poses, props, music, art, games, storytelling and the imagination, to help stimulate their senses as well as stretch and strengthen their developing bodies. The Karma Kids Yoga approach uses creative techniques to keep children of all ages engaged in their yoga practice. The unique style incorporates a lot of fun into each class, while encouraging kids to find their inner-peace.

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Wanderlust is Back

It’s about that time again! Wanderlust Yoga Festival. What happens during Wanderlust? A lot of celebration — yoga, music and nature. Wanderlust’s 2011 line-up boasts musical acts Michael Franti, Girl Talk and Andrew Bird while wellness leaders like Deepak Chopra, John Friend, Rodney Yee and Shiva Rea are attending at least one of the gatherings this year. All of them are within the nation’s most inspiring natural scenery.

The Wanderlust Vermont will be held June 23 - 26 (for the first time in Vermont) at Stratton Mountain Ski Resort, followed by the original Wanderlust California, which returns for its third year in Squaw Valley USA in North Lake Tahoe, California from July 28 – 31.

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Let the Love in

The Standard Miami has so many opportunities to guide it’s guests to better health, like their outstanding Integral Living Team. Lori Bell is the onsite acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine expert. Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that treats patients by insertion and manipulation of needles in the body. It has proven effectiveness in relieving pain, treating infertility, treating and preventing disease, or promoting general health (thanks Wikipedia).

Lori explains that Chinese medicine is not only physically beneficial, but also can lead to better emotional and spiritual health. When treating a patient, Lori evaluates the person’s whole lifestyle in order to provide the best care.

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